The largest investment in the Świętokrzyskie Province implemented by ANNA-BUD

We enter the New Year with our flagship and biggest project. It is also one of the largest investments in the Świętokrzyskie Province, which we are very pleased with.

We have signed a contract for the construction of a complex of buildings with land development and accompanying infrastructure for the project called: "Świętokrzyski Laboratory Campus of the Central Office of Measures - Stage I" in Kielce.

The Campus project involves the construction, in cooperation with the Kielce University of Technology, of a laboratory research and implementation base, which will allow for effective and professional research and development, which will have a direct impact on the intensification of cooperation between the research and development bodies and companies. The constructed Campus will influence the development of scientific research at the national and European level. Equipping laboratories with modern infrastructure, minimizing the impact of environmental conditions and disturbances, increasing the technical capabilities compared to the current state, will directly affect the quality of scientific research. This quality will be expressed by performing advanced and non-standard measurements and by ensuring measurement consistency on a global level.

The strategic goal of the planned research, development and scientific infrastructure created in cooperation with the Kielce University of Technology of the Campus is to use science in the field of metrology to increase the competitiveness of Polish companies on the European and global market and to create a Polish metrology centre, a place where research, scientific communities and industry will meet.

The scope of works is impressive and includes, among others: construction of a complex of buildings connected by a so-called "Footbridge", which consists of: OT building (maintenance and engineering), L1 laboratory (acoustics and vibrations), L11 laboratory (interdisciplinary metrology), WR building (workshop), L10 laboratory (thermometry), L7 laboratory (mass), L2_L4 laboratory (time and frequency and length), KL footbridge with internal installations, free-standing flammable materials warehouse building for L7 laboratory and comprehensive land development with accompanying infrastructure. Land development includes, among others: construction of internal roads, car park, access roads, development of the entire area with the internal courtyard, construction of a K6S1 class fence, solid waste collection sites, and construction of external installations (including a transformer station and an internal 15kV line). The subject of the contract also includes the construction of a water supply connection, sanitary sewage system and rainwater sewage system as well as the reconstruction of the surface of a bicycle path and the pavement within the collisions, carried out on the basis of the design documentation.

Project duration: 01/01/2019 - 31/12/2023. Project value: PLN 188 821 329.05. The amount of co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund: PLN 165 286 784.64.

The project is implemented under Priority Axis I - Innovation and science, Measure 1.1 Support for R&D infrastructure of the Regional Operational Programme of the Świętokrzyskie Province for 2014–2020.

Photo: GUM