ANNA-BUD will build an intermodal terminal for Hupac Intermodal S.A.

The signed contract concerns the implementation of the Project under the name, "Construction of the Brwinów terminal, a complex of warehouse and storage facilities with the necessary infrastructure, a spur line and an access road".

The implementation of the Project has been divided into the following tasks:

Task 1 - Construction of an intermodal terminal,
Task 2 - Construction of a spur line - an access track to the terminal and aggregate facility,
Task 3 - Construction of a road providing an exit from the commune road to the Brwinów terminal,
Task 4 - Construction of a well to supply the terminal with water - implementation of a connection to the water supply network,
Task 5 - Construction of a rainwater drainage network.

Currently, Poland is facing intensive development of intermodal transport, i.e. cargo transportation using more than one type of transport. The most important rule is to use only one loading unit, e.g. a container or swap body, for the entire transport route, without reloading the goods when changing the type of transport.

Michał Szlachta, technical manager of Hupac, assessed the Polish market of intermodal transport as an emerging market, while anticipating the period of its increased development. The construction of a new container terminal in Brwinów near Warsaw is to enable the consolidation of trains to Russia and China carrying goods from all over Europe there. - "Intermodal transport will be one of the best developing areas in Poland, and Hupac wishes to contribute to this" - he declared.

In 2019, Hupac ran around 150 container trains a day. To handle such a large volume, the company uses over 7 thousand platforms. Poland aspires to be a significant hub in the latitudinal corridor and that is why Hupac has already opened a new connection between China and Warsaw.