ANNA-BUD sponsors KS Łomża Vive Kielce

By signing the contract with Łomża Vive Kielce Sports Club, we hereby join the group of the club's official sponsors. The contract is a response to the invitation for companies from the region to cooperate and an opportunity to integrate the environment in which we live and work for our region.

2020 was extremely difficult for sports clubs, so we decided to help KS Łomża Vive Kielce. We are one of the largest construction companies that has been operating on Kielce and national market for over 20 years. Despite the pandemic, we are developing and winning new contracts, so we can share and offer help to others. For several years, our activities have been focused on supporting various non-profit initiatives and projects.

We keep our fingers crossed for the players and we are happy that we can make a real contribution to the development of the Club.