"Kryształowa Cegła 2022" award in the category of Scientific and educational facilities

We are pleased to announce that the new building of the Institute of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS), built by our company, has been awarded with the first place in the prestigious "Kryształowa Cegła 2022" contest in the "Scientific and didactic facilities" category.

In order for a construction investment to receive "Kryształowa Cegła 2022" award, it must meet many criteria. These include:

  • innovative technical and architectural solutions;
  • the level of technical and technological solutions in the modernization process;
  • functionality of facilities and their relations with the environment;
  • the way of exploitation and practical use of the applied solutions;
  • the impact of investments on the environment and the estate economy;
  • outstanding quality of works and completion time.

The prerequisites for cooperation between an investor, a design office and the contractor should also be fulfilled.

The Faculty of Arts (Institute of Music and the Institute of Fine Arts) and the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management have their seats in the West Campus. The investment also included the building of the Institute of Pedagogy, which, in addition to modern, spacious lecture halls, classrooms and seminar rooms, also received specialised rooms that will allow for the development of practical aspects of education processes.

It is worth emphasising that UMCS, among other universities, not only in the region but also in Poland, is distinguished by a unique student campus located in the city centre, which consists of: didactic buildings, clubs, sports and cultural facilities.

We are happy that our company has a real impact on the development of higher education in Poland, and the quality of our services has been recognised with such a prestigious award.