We signed a contract for the construction of a shopping pavilion for the Lewiatan Chain

We are pleased to announce that our company has signed a contract for the construction of a shopping pavilion for the Lewiatan chain in the Ślichowice District in Kielce, in Szajnowicza street.

Construction works related to the implementation of the investment include:

  • carrying out all securing works and enabling safe and proper construction works,
  • construction of a commercial and service building with an underground garage and the necessary infrastructure,
  • execution of sanitary installations, electrical networks and installations,
  • construction of a car park along with land development,
  • coordination of works performed by other contractors, e.g. media suppliers,
  • close cooperation with the investor, investor's supervision and the store user.

The completion of construction works has been scheduled for the end of July 2023.

(Photo: Krzysztof Olszewski/WP)