ANNA-BUD will build a lecture building for the PUZ in Tarnobrzeg

We are pleased to announce that on 1 February 2024, we signed a contract for the construction of a teaching building for the Prof. Stanisław Tarnowski State Vocational College in Tarnobrzeg.

‘BUILD SAFE’ award - National Stage

ANNA-BUD Construction Company received an award from the Chief Labour Inspector and the President of the Agreement for Safety in Construction, taking third place in the national stage of the BUDUJ BEZPIECZNIE 2023 competition.

Two "Kryształowe Cegły" 2023 awards for ANNA-BUD

During the Wednesday Gala of the Polish Housing Association in Lublin, summing up the XXII Edition of the ‘Kryształowa Cegła’ Competition, we received two awards and took two first places.

Contract signed for the reconstruction of ul. 1-go Maja in Busko-Zdrój

The Busko-Zdrój Commune, represented by Mayor Waldemar Sikora and Treasurer Artur Tokarz, signed an agreement with our company for the implementation of two tasks in the field of road infrastructure and utilities.

Central Warehouse for Geological Samples to be built in Leszcze near Kłodawa

A modern warehouse of geological samples for the whole of Poland will soon be built in the village of Leszcze in the Kłodawa commune (Wielkopolskie Province). The investment of the State Geological Institute - PIG will be carried out by ANNA-BUD for nearly PLN 28 million and will be financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Construction of MOP III ‘Zamysłowo’ and completion of MOP I ‘Wronczyn’

On 15th September 2020, we signed a contract with the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways for the construction of MOP III ‘Zamysłowo’ and the completion of MOP I ‘Wronczyn’ on the S5 expressway between Poznań and Wronczyn (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship).

Construction of the Chełm Economic Activity Centre begins

The Chełm Economic Activity Centre is to be built in 13 months at a cost of almost PLN 30 million. The relevant contract for the task was signed on 11 September 2020.

Contract signed for the construction of Radom-Sadków Airport

On 7th September 2020 State Enterprise ‘Porty Lotnicze’ signed a contract with our company for the amount of PLN 45 million. The contract concerns the award of a public contract entitled: ‘Execution in the design and build formula of cubature facilities B1 and B3 at Radom - Sadków Airport’.

Reconstruction with thermal modernisation of the Etiuda Cinema in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski

The tender for the major refurbishment of the Etiuda cinema in Ostrowiec has been awarded. It is an investment of over PLN 21 million. On 7th September 2020, we signed a contract for this task.