Asclepios warehouse complex in Sieradz

Another realisation made on time. For Asclepios, we completed the construction of a warehouse building, an office and social building, a concierge building, internal installations, construction of building facilities (underground rainwater tank and underground fire water tank).

The implementation also included the construction of external installations (water, sanitary sewage, storm water, gas, electricity, medium and low voltage, lighting, tele-technical and low voltage), construction of road infrastructure (roads, parking lots, manoeuvering lots and pavements), fences and small elements architecture located at Dworska Street in Sieradz.

Implementation for the company "ASCLEPIOS" joint-stock company limited partnership with headquarters in Wroclaw. Contract as of 30/07/2019. Delivery time until 25/03/2020.

We are glad that the implementation of our company will contribute to the increase in employment in Sieradz. In connection with the launch of the warehouse, approximately 50 employees are planned to be employed.